A trainer stretches your legs.
A coach stretches your limits.

A trainer counts your reps.
A coach discounts your excuses.

A trainer questioning how much time you put in.
A coach questioning how much you put into time.

A trainer makes you know how, where and when.
A coach makes you know who, what and why.

A trainer does something to you.
A coach does something with you.

A trainer makes you doing the workout.
A coach makes you being in purpose.



A Trainer transfer skill
A Coach transfer experience

A Trainer focus on exercises
A Coach focus on strength

A Trainer emphasize Habit
A Coach emphasize Trait

A Trainer escalate Competency
A Coach escalate Proficiency



Bagi Anda yang ingin jadi Trainer dan Coach bersama IAI (ILYAS AFSOH INSTITUTE)

DAFTAR 0821-4150-2

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Daftar Menjadi Bagian IAI TRAINER COACH : 0821.4150.2649


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